All leading brands, fitted while you wait

Here at Uncle Tom's Motoring Centre Harlow we carry over 2000 leading brand and discount tyres for family saloons, high-performance sports cars, vans and 4 x 4s. We have a wide range of tyres; from 10 inch for a Mini to 24 inch for 4 x 4s, all at the lowest possible prices.

Uncle Tom's Motoring Centre supply and fit the largest array of discount tyres in Harlow Essex.

For all enquiries call us on 01279 439192

Steering systems in Harlow

Steering wheels are just one aspect of complex steering systems. Ball joints and track-rod ends are also a vital part of a car's steering systems and any wear in these items will result in uneven tyre wear and a possible M.O.T. failure.

At Uncle Tom's in Harlow, we can carry out a free check on your steering systems and suspension ball joints and can carry out any necessary replacements while you wait. All work carries a 1-year, 12,000 mile parts and labour guarantee.

Common Faults with Systems

  • Steering Feels Heavy - May be caused by low Power Steering Fluid (as applicable).
  • Steering Pulls - This is often caused by improper wheel alignment.
  • Difficulty Steering Straight - May be caused by excessive play or looseness in steering linkage or wheel bearings.
  • Wheel Wobble / Vibration - May be cause by faulty or damaged tyres.
  • Wandering or General Instability - May be caused by incorrect front wheel alignment.

If you experience any of these issues with your steering systems, please call Uncle Tom's on 01279 439192, as faulty steering systems can cause driving to become very unsafe.